Various Spring Half Marathons: 19th&20th March 2011

While a lot from the Club were going long at Cranleigh, atleast 15 runners from were testing themselves at the numerous half marathons that were being held last weekend. There were a couple of fabulous new PB’s set and Andrea Bennett and Sue Garnish completed their first Half Marathons. Well done all who ran.


Congratulations to Dominic Collier who ran a 1:22:30 at Reading, Sharon Andrew who ran 1:40:23 (both massive PB’s).

Well done also to Andrea Bennett and Sue Garnish who culminated months of training to smash their two hour target at Fleet.

Name Chip Time  
Dominic Collier 01:22:30 PB
Joseph Brewer 01:29:25  
Mark La Frenais 01:32:17  
Andrew Pengelly 01:33:53  
Unknown runner – Trnsf fr Zoe Foster 01:32:51  
Richard Goulder 01:37:09  
Hannah Rhys 01:36:02  
Karen O’Hara 01:46:55  
Charles Foster 01:51:45  
Dorney Lake Half Marathon (F3 Events)    
Sharon Andrew 01:40:23 PB
Hastings Half Marathon    
Zoe Wingfield 01:59:52  
Abigail Garnier 02:12:05  
Tim Lunn 02:16:20  
Fleet Half Marathon    
Sue Garnish 01:53:48 FR/PB
Andrea Bennett 01:56:11 FR/PB


Apologies if you ran and are not listed, the Fleet and Dorney events currently do not list club names and so results above were searched for manually. Email me if you ran and are not listed and I will ammend.

Enjoy your running