Vote for Grand Prix races

Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see four polls where you can vote for which races you would prefer the club includes in the Grand Prix calendar for June, July, September and October this year. The polls have been set so that each website user gets one vote, so don’t attempt to vote more than once, because it won’t work! After the polls have been up for a while Pegs and Johnny M will check the results and update the Grand Prix calendar accordingly.

For those members not familiar with the Grand Prix, it’s an internal club competition where we designate one race per month as the Grand Prix event. The Grand Prix runs for 12 months and covers races of most popular distances between 1 mile and 20 miles. Points are awarded for where you finish in relation to other club members and there are trophies up for grabs at the end of the season for “first past the post” as well as trophies for age graded categories (e.g. one race will be designated the “Club 10km championship race” and the highest placed vet lady will be awarded the “Ladies Vets 10km champion” trophy for that year at the awards night in May each year).

Slower runners may think “Well I’m never going to win anything so what’s the point in doing the Grand Prix races?” but they are a great opportunity to take part in a proper organised event where you can test yourself, and where you can guarantee there will be plenty of other 26.2 RRC runners at to provide encouragement, support, lifts etc. Oh and Ann Bath usually bakes cakes for the end of the race!