Who owns the mile – Men or Women?

Well that’s the big question being asked by Marathon Talk in thier latest installment of the Magic Mile.

The mile or 1609 meters if you prefer is always hard slog when you’re going at it eyeballs out but that aside I think everyone is always up for the challenge of running the distance to try and beat their PB. Marathon Talk are once again running the Magic Mile and keeping in the spirit of not wanting to dodge a challenge there will be a 26.2 Magic Mile event next Wednesday during the track session at Kingsmeadow.

It doesn’t have to be a competitive event and those taking part can either start with everyone else or set off on thier own, the main point being to is to run to your best time over the distance. There will be no timer and everyone will be responsibile for recording and registering thier own time. This is more of a fun event rather then a race and there will be no prizes for being the fastest but I am sure the ladies in the club may well want to get one over on the men so make sure you’re there if you up for getting one over on the opposite sex.

Chris Coghlan will be on hand to hold the usual track session and will take us through a warm up routine beforehand and then continue the track session afterwards.


As quoted from the Marathon Talk website:

As always there will be a competitive element, and this year it’s boys versus girls! Historically it was a man who broke the 4 minute mile barrier and it continues to be men who run the fastest miles. But, what about if everyone’s performances are age and gender ‘graded’?

Men V’s Women – scores are weighted for participation and times converted into age grades.

  • Boys versus girls
  • All times converted to age graded scores
  • An average of those age grades is calculated
  • A bonus is awarded to the team with the most participants relative to listeners
  • The average age-grade and participation bonus then gives you the current score for each team

For full details please had over to the Marathon Talk website -> here <- and if you’re up for the challenge just register and then join the 26.2 RRC magic mile event -> here <-