A link to results will be displayed here as soon as they are available from Sports Systems.


Well done to all 429 runners who braved the cold on race day!

Congratulations to winners Scott Overall and Sophie Cowper – both of whom came very close to the course records.

Full results are available from the Sport Systems website here.


Congratulations to the 523 runners who completed the Valentine’s 10k 2016. A special well done goes to our winners Paulos Surafel and Anna Boniface.

Results for our 2016 race are available to download here: Valentine’s 10k 2016 Results – Final.

A list of the prize winners is available here: Valentine’s 10k 2016 – Prizes

Please note that official times are “gun-time”. If it took you some time to cross the start line, your personally recorded time may differ slightly from the official times.

Past Results

Past years results are available here:

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Course Records

We offer a £100 prize bonus for breaking the Course record. The current records for the course are:

Category Name Time Year


Men Ed Prickett
Nottingham University
Women Vicky Gill
Aldershot & Farnham
2010 World Duathlon Championships Champion (30-34)
35:08 2009

9am, 17th February 2019 Chessington, Greater London