Valentine’s 10k 2016


This year 523 runners completed the Valentine’s 10k. The morning was cold, clear and great conditions for the race. See if you can spot yourself as the runners set out.


We captured the finish on film. Many of the smiles from the start had turned to grimaces as people made one last effort across the line. There were still a lot smiles as people ran in for PBs and great personal performances.

Times on the clock may differ very slightly from your official finish result. The clock is not synchronized exactly with the official timer. It is possible the time on the clock and your result are a second out. If there is any major difference in your time, please let us know.

Unfortunately the video only ran until 1:20:30. At this time we stopped it to begin result processing. Apologies if you came in after this time.

9am, 16th February 2020 Chessington, Greater London