Club Championship Rules

1. Annual club championships are held, for men and women, at distances of one mile, 5km, 10km, 10 miles, half-marathon and marathon. These will take place within the 12-month period 1st May to 30th April.

2. Only paid-up, first claim members are eligible to enter the championships. Other paid-up members, eligible to score in the club’s Grand Prix series, may run in the stipulated races but their placing will be disregarded for purposes of the championship.

3. For all distances other than marathon (see also rule 8), the club vest/t-shirt must be worn as a top item of clothing visible front and back. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.

4. Any 26.2 member competing with a number originally allocated to another 26.2 member must inform the person responsible for collating the club results of the event in question, as must a 26.2 member who gives his or her originally-allocated number to any other runner.

5. The one mile races will be self-contained and will be held at a track venue. Awards for winners will be in the form of mementoes, decided on both a past-the-post and age-graded basis.

Guideline: The venue will normally be Kingston or Epsom tracks and the date a Wednesday in June. The races may be split into gender and/or age categories should the club captain, or his deputed organiser, decide this is desirable

6. Awards for the winners at 5km, 10km & 10 mile, decided on a past-the-post and age-graded basis, will be in the form of trophies.

7. Awards for the winners at half-marathon, decided in age categories (i.e. seniors, veterans and super veterans), will be in the form of trophies.

8. Marathon awards are given on the basis of times recorded during the 12-month period stipulated in rule 1. It is the runner’s responsibility to bring such times to the notice of the club captain, who will seek verification.
Awards for the winners at marathon are as per half-marathon (rule 7).

9. Any disputes should be brought to the attention of the committee within 14 days of the race in question.

10. All  trophies are the property of the club and should be returned promptly for re-presenting on request from the committee.

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