Training Tops and Hoodies

In addition to the official club tops (blue with red/white/blue stripes) we also have a range of training t-shirts and hoodies.  Training tops are ordered through a different retailer to the official club kit from Champion Systems (see club kit).

You can buy the training tops at: Just A Little Bit – 26.2 Road Runners Club.

To make an order, header over to the Just A Little Bit – 26.2 Road Runners Club site and select either hoodie (£20), zoodie (£23) or training top (£15) in your preferred colour. Then select size and
then select either ‘yes’ to personalise or ‘no’ to leave blank. The training kit will then be supplied directly to your address. Delivery costs are £3 or free if you order over £30 so perhaps find a friend
and order together to save on delivery costs.

The training tops are not official club tops and do not count as a suitable top to be worn in a race where you are representing the club. If you wish to be eligible for prizes in races such as club championship, grand prix and cross country you must wear official kit. Training tops may be worn in the monthly handicap race.


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