London Marathon Ballot Rules

Allocation of places awarded to the Club will be by ballot, normally at the 26.2 RRC Christmas party in the December prior to the Marathon, or as soon as is practically possible after the outcome of the public ballot is known. At least 14 days’ notice of the ballot will be given to members on the Club’s notice board and the website.

To be eligible for the ballot, a member must:
1. Have been a paid-up member of 26.2 RRC, continuously, since 1st February preceding the ballot including EA affiliation as part of the membership.
2. Since the previous club ballot, have represented the Club in competition at least eight times. “in competition” is defined as;
   • Surrey Cross Country League (approx 4 per year)
   • Surrey Road League
   • 26.2 RRC Grand Prix Events (approx 12 per year)
   • Green Belt Relays
   • Nonsuch Park Relays
   • River Relays
   • Surrey Championship Races

3. Not have been awarded a Club Marathon in the previous year’s ballot.

Should these stipulations result in fewer qualifying applicants than places available to 26.2 RRC, places will be awarded, firstly, to those qualifying members.

A ballot (if necessary) for the remaining allocation will then be held among members who satisfy rule 1 and have been paid up continuously since the preceding 1st September.

Should the 26.2 RRC allocations still not be filled, places will be awarded at the discretion of the Committee, with priority given to members who have represented the club in competition to some extent.

Rationale for the rules
It was felt that places should be available for members who had been at the Club for at least a qualifying period AND had contributed to the life of the Club.

The representation rule was brought in to encourage active participation in the Club by those wishing to be eligible for the Club Places Ballot, in the past some Members would not be seen from one Marathon Ballot to the next and still put their names in the internal ballot.

Normally, the Committee will check the results of the qualifying events listed in the rules, but it is runner’s responsibility to make sure the Committee is aware of their entry in qualifying events. Last minute “name changes” at races will also need to be made known.

The Committee’s decision is final in all matters of allocation of Club Marathon places.

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