Membership Details

Our Membership Year starts on the 1 February and lasts until the 31 January. The current, ongoing membership fee is £15.00 co per annum, with an additional £16.00 paid by first-claim members who wish to be UK Athletics-affiliated (which entitles you to cheaper race entry fees). We encourage all members to become UK Athletics affiliated when possible.

Members joining part way through the year pay the full year’s fee until 1 October. After this date new members get 4 months “Free Membership” as their payment is taken to cover the next membership year.

We have the following classes of membership:

  • Full Membership: Most people will qualify for this – payable at the normal membership rate.
  • Life Membership: Reserved for the founding members of the club and those made life members to reward dedication to the club. No membership fee is required, but EA affiliation needs to be paid if you are an EA member.
  • Concessionary: Reserved for those in full-time education. No membership fee is required, but EA affiliation needs to be paid if you are an EA member.

Club kit is available for purchase from Champion System. This is optional but required if you wish to compete in the Club Championship, Grand Prix and other Club events such as Cross Country. Although this is optional we encourage our members to purchase one to represent the club. There are also other club clothing options available for purchase including a T-Shirt in official club colours.

How to Join:

  1. Download a Membership Application Form.
  2. Complete the form.
  3. Perform a bank transfer to cover your membership fees (bank account details are on the membership form). Note: we no longer accept cheques/cash to pay for membership.
  4. Send a copy of the membership form (scanned or photo) to our Membership Secretary.

Membership Renewals:

Existing members will be sent a renewal request at the start of each membership year. Members can renew by Bank transfer or set up a Standing Order with their bank. 

Please note that although EA affiliation is due in April, we collect the fee in February with the annual membership fee.

Showers, Changing & Social

Members can use the changing, showering & bar facilities of the Surbiton Racket & Fitness Club for a reasonable additional annual payment (currently £77 + £10 joining fee, with discounts available for early renewal). Why not stay on after your run and rehydrate in the bar with fellow Club Members? We are in the bar every Wednesday night (you may also find some of us there on a Monday or Sunday too). It’s a great way to find out more about your sport and unlike you non-running friends, we won’t be bored by all the running talk!


Surbiton's friendly running club. Open to runners of all standards, fast or slow. We participate in local races of all distances.