Winter Petal Runs

On a Monday nights through winter, the faster paced groups go out and run their “Petal Runs”. These are named because if all drawn on the same map they would form a flower with each run forming a petal. You can download the routes for the winter petal runs here.

The petal runs are generally run three times over the course of the winter Monday training sessions, following the sequence from run 1 to run 9 and then staring back at run 1.  On the third sequence we often run each course in reverse – just for a change!

The middle and slower groups also use these routes from time to time, often as long run sessions, however they do not follow them in the same sequence as the fast groups.

>>> Download the Winter Petal Run routes! <<<

Summer Runs

In summer our route choices try to make the most of the open spaces, river paths and parks in and around Surbiton. We appreciate that not everyone wants to run loops of the handicap course so try to add as much variation as possible.

Some samples of our summer runs can be downloaded here.

>>> Download the Summer run routes! <<<

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