Grand Prix – Past Winners

Year Men – Past The Post Men – Age Graded Ladies – Past The Post Ladies – Age Graded
Joseph Gonzalez Joseph Gonzalez Victoria Haslam Victoria Haslam
2017/18 Alastair McGeoch-Williams Steve Ramek Victoria Haslam Victoria Haslam
2016/17  Alastair McGeoch-Williams Steve Ramek  Andrea Bennett   Andrea Bennett
2015/16 Alastair McGeoch-Williams Steve Ramek Andrea Bennett Andrea Bennett
2014/15 Alastair McGeoch-Williams Steve Ramek Libby Marchant Libby Marchant
2013/14 Danny Norman David Pimm Libby Marchant Libby Marchant
2012/13 Jack Holland John Matthews & Rob Hinton Katherine Wilson Katherine Wilson
2011/12 Jack Holland Jack Holland Aimee Billington Aimee Billington & Ann Bath
2010/11 Dominic Collier Dominic Collier Aimee Billington Ann Bath
2009/10 John Matthews Dave Wilson Aimee Billington Ann Bath
2008/09 Joe Chang Joe Chang Mandy Brown Ann Bath
2007/08 Dave Wilson Dave Wilson Sharon Andrew Ann Bath
2006/07 Joe Chang Andrew Allen Sarah Pettefer Ann Bath
2005/06 Mark Simmons Andrew Allen Carmela Pengelly Carmella Pengelly
2004/05 Dave Wilson Dave Wilson Mandy Brown Mandy Brown
2003/04 Andy Aldridge   Mandy Brown Mandy Brown
2002/03 N/A Alan Souness  N/A Carol Miller

Surbiton's friendly running club. Open to runners of all standards, fast or slow. We participate in local races of all distances.