Green Belt Relay 2016

The Green Belt Relay is a 220 mile team relay around London. It approximately follows the Green Belt Way, a continuous path of green spaces circling London.

We have entered two teams for 2016. The event will take place on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May. You will need to be free to run on both days.

Both teams are now full! If you want to be put on the reserves list, please let us know.

We welcome runners of all abilities to our teams. Stages range in length and difficulty from 6 miles upwards so you need to be comfortable running at least this distance, if not a little further. Our only real requirement is that you set out to enjoy the event and bring lots of enthusiasm!

If you want to know more about the event, either check the Green Belt Relay site or speak to a member of the committee.

This is a club funded event so your entry is paid for. The only cost to you will be transport and accommodation if you choose to stay out.

The following members have signed up to the Green Belt Relay 2016:

  1. Richard Kirk
  2. Kevin Stone
  3. Dave Wilson
  4. Frani Heyns
  5. Joe Brewer
  6. Steve Ramek
  7. Danny Norman
  8. Libby Marchant
  9. Ellen Lambrix
  10. Ryan Lambrix
  11. Matt Pritchard
  12. Daisy Street
  13. Michael Street
  14. Andrea Bennett
  15. John Bennett
  16. Dennis Brandrick
  17. Maria Cenalmor
  18. John Matthews
  19. Paul Wallis
  20. David George
  21. Kirstie Mitchell
  22. Javier Fuentes


  • Mark Weight
  • Sonia Pritchard
  • Kevin Furlong

The allocation of stages to runners are as follows:

This is also available online here: Stage Allocations



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