EA Coaching Wednesday 7.00pm 11 December

Following a great coaching session with Tom Craggs, England coach last week, we have the second of three sessions  on Wednesday week (11 December). Now that we have seen the sessions in action, we have changed the location of next week’s session which will now take place at the Poole Road athletics track in Ewell, just as the last one.  This will be so much more effective for Tom to manage the session and to be able to interact with everyone as they run.  Please note that this is different from the original plan and post to the website.

The Poole Road athletics track in Ewell, otherwise known as the Harrier Centre or King George V recreation ground, can be found by turning right into Ruxley Lane off the A 240 and then left into Scotts Farm Road which becomes Poole Road.  The recreation ground and athletics track are on your left about half a mile after leaving Ruxley Lane.

Please arrive at the track at 7.00 pm ready to start. Tom will lead the warm up so there is no need to warm up in advance of the session. Bring clothing for the warm-up and warm-down and for during the Q & A session at the end of training session. The entry fee is £2.80.

Please be considerate of other track users; other local running clubs will also be training there that evening (for their Christmas special!).

The focus is on practical sessions and advice with 3 organised sessions spread over a 12 week period focused towards developing Half/Marathon fitness and each sees us completing running specific warm up, main session and cool down. The sessions are opportunities to experience different types of training sessions, warm up and cool downs but also give an informal opportunity for Q&As and sharing of training advice and ideas.