Handicap Amendments

As some of you will be aware there have been some odd handicap start times given out over the past few months that have affected peoples overall position in the points table which then continues to affect those runners for the next few runs. 

Due to a few people questioning their start times and the affect they believed it had on their handicap  positional points and subsequent start times we have taken a look back over the past 5 months and did indeed find some times that were obviously very wrong and have taken steps to amend the affected times and also to ensure that going forward these errors will not happen again.

Therefore once Richard gets some time he will update the main tables on the club website accordingly based on the investigations of the times since July. Whilst this does make some minor changes to the overall standings you will find that it doesn’t change anything at the top too much and still leaves the remaining months with everything to play for between those battling it out at the top of the table.

Therefore leading into the January handicap next week the amended top of the table looks something like:

Click graphic to view in full screen.