Track Session – Wednesday 25 May 2016

Must-do track session 7.15 for 7.30pm, Wednesday 25 May 2016

With the club mile just a week later (1 June) at Kingsmeadow, the track session on 25 May is must-do training.

We will be doing core mile training: 8 x 400m, with 200m recovery jog between.  This speed session is a shorter total distance than we sometimes run at the track, but the target is to run somewhat faster than normal – pitching a pace just a little faster than your target mile pace.  This will help with pacing for the mile as well as helping make your body comfortable at this speed.

We meet at the Kingsmeadow track, Kingston Road.  Please arrive by about 7.15pm to complete a gentle warm up (eg at least three times jogging around the track, or perhaps run to the track) in time to begin the formal warm-up promptly at 7.30pm.  Not warming up properly before the exhilaration of a speed session is a sure-fire way to give yourself an injury!  Entry is now £3.65.

This speed session is for all standards of runners, involving groups running at differing speeds.  Running short, faster intervals in a speed session is an important part of our overall physical and psychological training programme, building endurance and speed.

David Pimm