A chance to row against other running clubs

Yes you read that correctly row and not run!  We have been invited to take part in a skiff; two blades instead of 4; two rowers and a cox as mixed, ladies or men.  We definitely have a ladies team to submit, please let me (Kate Hancock) know if you are interested in taking part.  You will be asked to attend 3 training events in November, and need to confirm that you can swim 50 meters.

Unfortunately the event does take place on the same day as one of our club Grand Prix, The Pirie, I am not asking anybody to row instead of run, but if you are unable to run due to injury or other reason then here is a chance to try something different.  The skiffing club 

Training is fee, but entry per boat is £12, and the event takes place on Sunday December 6th and the race is expected to take about 3 – 3 1/2 minutes to complete.

You can express interest or any questions here.