Captains Challenge for Claygate 5

Since posting about the captains challenge I have had a number of people submit their gaols for the 2012/13 season, a number of which have particualr times in mind for tomorrows Grand Prix at Claygate 5. I’m sure most of us have a time in mind for tomorrow so if you haven’t yet submitted your challenge sheet, now is the time to get yours in. You can download a form -> here <- or simply email me your goals for this season or tomorrow to stone.kev [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com and I’ll post your time up before tomorrows start.

For those who have submitted theirs already here is what some of us are hoping to acheive tomorrow:

Derick Wilkie is looking to get round in 55 minutes

Both David Pearce and myself will be pushing for a sub 40 time

Peter Grecian is looking for a sub 38 – I think that may be a bit of an easy one Pete :o}

Moustafa Fawzy is going for 34 minutes and Jack Holland is looking to blast his way round in under half an hour.


Good luck everyone, with almost 40 members entered it’s shaping up to be a great Grand Prix event tomorrow!!