Captains Challenge

With the 2012/13 Grand Prix season already underway, autumn marathon training due to start and with 11 months of our running season ahead of us I thought I would throw down a challenge that everyone can take part in.

It doesn’t matter what you do in life it’s always good to have a goal, without them we have no direction and nothing to work towards. This is especially true with our running and to that end I want to know what your goals are between now and the end of the Grand Prix season. They don’t have to relate to the Grand Prix itself in fact they could be totally unrelated, but by making them public it may give you that extra push to achieve them. Also as the year progresses and you reach that distance, time or milestone in your running we can give you a special mention in a race report or news item in recognition of your achievements. 

Maybe you have a specific time in mind for an upcoming race, have you got your sights fixed on a top 3 Handicap place, are you running your first half or full marathon, perhaps you want that coveted 50 or 100 Parkrun shirt, whatever it is I want to know about it. The main thing to remember is to keep your goals realistic and never set yourself a goal that you know you’ll struggle to achieve.

To start the ball rolling the goals I’ve set for 2012/13 are:

  1. To run 1000 miles by the end of 2012
  2. A sub 23 Parkrun
  3. Sub 49 minute 10K
  4. PB at Maidenhead half in September
  5. Marathon PB – Ideally that elusive 4:15:00

There’s plenty going on over the next 11 months to set your sights on, but whatever your goal there’s no time like the present to get cracking and put yourself on the road to achieving it.

The best way to set your goals is to write them down so I have created a form for you to download here, (drop me an email if you cannot download the form) complete and email to me, I willlthen collate them and we can track everyone’s progress and maybe have a tracker on the club website where we can see how everyone is doing. The form includes a number of forthcoming races and a section to enter a specific goal if it’s not a time related goal in a race.

Happy Running!!