Club schedule for Christmas and New Year

As this year’s holidays conflict with some of the nights we meet for club runs, here is the 26.2 RRC schedule for the Christmas and New Year’s period:

Monday 26th December – No run (as SRFC is closed).
Wednesday 28th December – Long Run meeting at SRFC as per normal (would normally be a track session).
Monday 2nd January – No run. Note: SRFC is open until 9pm but we will not be running.
Wednesday 4th January – Club Handicap race meeting at SRFC as per normal.

(SRFC = Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club)

There are also a number of extra Parkruns over the Christmas and New Year Period. A full list of the extra Parkruns can be found at: . Some of us will definitely be at Kingston Parkrun on Christmas Eve, Bushy Park Parkrun on Christmas Day and hopefully at Black Park Parkrun on Boxing Day. On New Years Day if hangovers permit, there is also the possibility of running three Parkruns in one day due to staggered start times.

With a number of people running marathons next year, there will be informal groups going for long runs at the weekends, starting and finishing at Surbiton Racket Fitness Club. If you’re interested in joining these ask around on a club night.