Collingwood v. Sutton v. 26.2 Mob Match – Round 1

 In our first outing on the Collingwood, Sutton and 26.2 MobMatch, we made our way to Croygas and on to Roundshaw Downs for the start; once Binkie arrived, we could start.

The course was 5.33miles on grass trails with a tiny tarmac section. It was made even more of a cross country course as the grass had not been cut. Of course this is exactly the type of course that Dave Wilson is at home at, whereas the likes of Jack Holland and me dread. Nevertheless, Jack had a good run to finish third overall followed by yours truly in fifth having lost 4th place in a sprint to the finish.
Katherine Wilson was next 26.2er and first lady with Phyllis “not at Straggler for the night” Flynn second lady.

 In all we had 22 runners, all making it around the course. A few of us taking wrong turns due to markers being hidden by long grass.

 The scoring for this MobMatch is taken from everyone’s finishing positions, first scoring 1, second 2 third 3 etc. Then totalled up depending on which club had the least runners. i.e. Sutton had only 16 runners so only Collingwood’s and our top 16 we scored. However overall positions still counted.

 We finished second on the night and go to the next match on 12th July at Nonsuch Park in a strong position to challenge.

Results here