Endure 2015 – The Good and the Bad (update in yellow 01/09/14)

The good news is that Endure 24 dates have been announced for 2015, 13 – 14 June, it is not Glastonbury weekend so hopefully a little less mud.  We have the opportunity to enter teams during the early registration window that opens on Thursday 4 September from 9am.

The bad news is that firstly the fee has increased, a team runner will cost £48, I have asked for details on what the additional fee **the Endure team have confirmed that this year they have only just covered the costs for the first three years, unless they can operate at a profit they are unlikely to continue to run the event.  They are not keen to increase the number of runners to increase income, though have also considered moving to a cheaper venue, as well as try to obtain additional sponsorship.  They do intend to improve the facilities, as per their facebook post. **  Team registration does require payment in full.

From the pairs and solo registrations it looks like there will be a lot of interest again next year so we may need to act quickly if there is any interest.  If you do wish to take part please post <here>, though to secure your entry we will need to receive your full entry fee.  Please be aware that in the event you decide at a later date that you are no longer able to attend we will not be able to refund your money (though you are welcome to find a replacement runner within the club).