General: Forum – What’s Karma?

First of all what is Karma? Karma is a credit that can be given (or taken) to an individual in our forum.

You get a credit or Karma when someone thinks you’ve made a helpful post that people like or you make a useful suggestion to someone’s question (or conversely, a negative comment may earn a reduction…)

There are two kind of Karma: .

Thumbs Up : You have done something good.
Thumbs Down: Someone doesn’t like your post or comments

Anyone who is a Member can give and receive Karma. It is like a peer regconition system! So the more helpful you are in the forum then the chances of you getting more good Karma are high. Get too snide or grumpy and your karma may go down!

To give Karma, Click on the Thumbs Up icon in the post, to take away Karma, Click on the Thumbs down.