General: Graphics In Forum Signatures – How to get them…

You may see graphics like this

Garmin ForeRunner 301 User

in some peoples’ forum signatures and wonder how they got there, well here’s how…

They are called “User Bars” and can be used in your forum signature to show things you like, products you use or opinions you hold. As a starter, theres a fewuserbar images already installed on this site. Simply copy the code from one you like , e.g.


and paste it into your forum signature and save.

Standard Userbars (on this site)
ForeRunner 101 GPS
ForeRunner 201 GPS

ForeRunner 301 GPS

ForeRunner 305 GPS

Sportstracks Software

Externally Hosted Userbars (not on this site…)
There are lots of websites that host images used for userbars. If want other ready made images, search Google for User Bars and there’s lots of graphics to suit every taste. There’s a max size of 350×19 pixels for a user bar. Find the image you like and use the code they give you or something like this;
Adding Links To Images
You may want to add a link to your User Bar – e.g. to a Charity Website or to your homepage etc. so change this:
to this