Grand Prix #1 – Club Mile Championship Results



Thank you to everyone who ran the club mile last night. We had a great turnout with 52 runners plus volunteers and supporters. A special thank you goes out to Caroline Dawson, Grant Davison and Peter Tozer for braving the rain to help the running of the event as well as Ann Bath for the cakes.



Apologies that we couldn’t keep the rain at bay, we will try and book the sun for the next race – Ranelagh Richmond 10km on Sunday 22nd June. 


As ever, Richard and I would be greatful for any feedback. Particularly interested to hear thoughts on the open two race format we ran last night instead of the traditional mens and women race. 


Please see the results below. Grand Prix tables to follow:


Alastair McGeogh-Williams 05:06   Libby Marchant 05:57
Chris Wilson 05:19   Vicki Kirk 07:13
Chris Coghlan 05:26   Jacqui Chang 07:20
Risdon Weatherall 05:30   Sue Garnish 07:25
Danny Norman 05:36   Zoe Wingfield 07:33
Joe Brewer 05:38   Andrea Bennett 07:37
Moustafa Fawzy 05:40   Zoe Foster 07:58
Rob Hinton 05:40   Wendy Ashburner 07:59
Richard Goulder 05:51   Kate Hancock 08:29
Dan Hookey 05:51   Julie Rickard 08:32
David Pimm 05:51   Lizzie Wilson 08:43
James King 05:53   Louise Johnson 09:14
Michael Street 05:54      
John Sweeney 05:55      
Gary Rogerson 05:56      
Dominic Collier 05:57      
Steve Ramek 06:00      
James Hinton 06:07      
John Reardon 06:11      
Graham Ashby 06:11      
Ben Collier 06:12      
Peter Grecian 06:15      
Matthew Young 06:20      
Matthew Pritchard 06:24      
Neil Headley 06:35      
Greg Whiteman 06:36      
Mark Harrap 06:37      
David Pearce 06:50      
Steve Oates 06:53      
Kevin Furlong 06:58      
Steve Luke 07:04      
Mike Gray 07:19      
Kevin Stone 07:24      
Richard Kirk 07:32      
Brian O’Farrell 07:43      
Howard Brinkworth 08:31      
Mark Simmons 09:13      
Neil Sunderland 09:15      
Mike Bryant 11:24      


NB: This includes everyone who ran the Grand Prix tables will exclude those not wearing a club vest and those who are not fully paid up members.