Marathon Ballot – The Final Tally

With the Christmas party only a few days away I thought I’d better get my backside in gear and complete the ballot sheet to see who has qualified to enter this years ballot. With only 2 places up for grabs I can confirm that we have:

  • 28 Members having run enough events to take them to the magical 8 events or above needed to qualify
  • Of those 28 members 1 who was drawn out last year and therefore no eligible for this years ballot
  • 1 Who is not EA Affiliated and also not eligible
  • Of the 156 fully paid up members in February 86 of those raced in at least one event – 56% with a total of 470 race enteries
  • Andrea Bennett did the highest number of events with 18

To enter the ballot which will take place at 21:30 hrs simply do one of the following:

  • Come to the Xmas drinks at the club on Wednesday 21st December and complete a ballot form by 21:15 hrs at the latest
  • If you are unable to attend Wednesday contact me at captain [ at ] [ dot ] uk stating your wish to be included in the ballot

Likewise if you have any questions or believe you should have been included in the qualifying list please drop me a line at the above email address with your query.

And so the final qualifying table looks like this:

Name Races
Andrea Bennett 16
Alastair McGeoch-Williams 14
Steve Ramek 14
Kevin Stone 13
Matthew Pritchard 13
Daisy Street 12
Danny Norman 12
Ellen Lambrix 12
Paul Wallis 12
Sue Garnish 12
Richard Kirk 11
Dennis Brandrick 10
Libby Marchant 10
Maria Cenalmor 10
Paul Keddie 10
Ann Bath 9
Caroline Dawson 9
Chris Rawcliffe 9
Greg Whiteman 9
Lawrence Bromley 9
Javier Fuentes 8
John Bennett 8
Laura Hooke 8
Richard Goulder 8
Ryan Lambrix 8
Simon Gerrard 8