May 2013 Club Handicap Preview

D-Day, Crunch Time, Armageddon, well not quite that, but, which ever way you look at it, Wednesday’s Handicap promises to be a cracker.  The last race of the series and we already know the first three prize winners but not their order.  With Rosie Gerrard and Kevin Stone both missing one race, David Pearce, who has run all 10, now leads by just 5 points from Rosie with Kevin a further 3 points adrift.  Anybody care to run a book?

Although none of these three can be caught anyone else in the top 20 can fill the remaining 7 prize winning places.  A list of the top 20 start times has been on the Club notice board for some time and I have attached them here as well.  We’ve done pretty well for helpers recently but we really only need six for the finish.  Perhaps those of you who are thinking about helping on Wednesday should also look to running if we find we have enough.  I would like to see a bumper field out there and a good number in the Clubhouse afterwards whilst a work out the final results. Good luck to you all.


Place NAME Start Time
2 Gerrard,Rosie 08:40
13 Sunderland,Neil 08:40
17 Kirk,Richard 09:30
9 Dawson,Caroline 10:40
14 Garnish,Sue 10:50
16 Fuentes,Jamie 11:50
10 Fuentes,Javier 12:10
1 Pearce,David 13:00
3 Stone,Kevin 13:00
7 Wilson,Chris 13:00
18 Whiteman,Greg 13:40
11= Emery,Ricky 14:00
5 Marchant,Libby 14:30
4 Kinsey,Jon 14:40
8 Pimm,David 15:50
11= Downe,Ben 15:50
20 Fawzy,Moustafa 15:50
15 Coghlan,Chris 16:00
6 Thurston,James 17:30
19 Harris,Daniel 17:40