Monday Session

Monday’s Session starts at 19:00 from the Clubhouse.

What can you expect on a Monday Night?

We are aware that people run for all sorts of reasons and motivations and that every runner will have their own goal as to the level of fitness they wish to achieve and the level of running they aspire to. Trying to help ALL runners fulfil ALL of these needs and goals is a tall order and for this reason we have a structured approach to both Monday and Wednesday Night Runs.

Slower, recreational Runners are no less important to the Club than faster competitive Runners. Monday is considered our ‘all-inclusive’ night, where we’ll make sure no one loses or is lost from the group.

Ability Groups and Running Variety
At any point on a Monday night, there will be a variety of Runners with different levels of fitness and experience wanting to run. These may range from a complete beginner who has only recently started an exercise program to more experienced “Monday Nighters” who have been running for longer, albeit at a steady pace.

Trying to accommodate all of these Runners in a single and often large group will inevitably mean that those at the differing ends of the ability scale are going to get frustrated – “faster” Runners may feel the pace too slow and the less fit or slower Runners may find the pace too hard and may be put off from returning.

We have designated groups on Mondays. We will not mandate which you should join but are happy to advise. Anyone attending on a Monday Night can choose which group to go into. Runners may want to move between different groups and back as their personal fitness level fluctuates or just to try something new.

Group 1 – Slow to Steady
This group is intended for relative beginners who have some experience of running but it does not matter whether you are aiming for a few laps of your local area or ultimately to complete a marathon, all are welcome. You should be able to run slowly for about 30 minutes or so before trying this group. If you are not up to this level yet, why not try our Walk To Run Schedule?

It is unlikely that this group will do more than 4 miles and there will be quite a few stops to re-group along the way.

Group 2 – Steady and Beyond
This Group will run around 6 to 7 miles, but will stop less and will run a little faster than Group 1. Assuming we have two leaders there will be a front group doing 7-7:30 minute miles, with the sweep group following the same route at around 8 minute mile pace. The routes used all begin and end at the club and when all mapped together form a petal shape from the club, so you will not run the same route within 6 or 7 weeks.

Over the lighter months, from June onwards, both groups will meet in Richmond Park on the first Monday of the month.

Moving on…
Regular members of Group 2 will probably be ready to consider the move up to the long runs on a Wednesday, though of course you are welcome to run on a Monday as often as you like. All are welcome at the once-monthly Handicap (first Wednesday of the month) and Track (last Wednesday of the month) sessions.

There is NO reason at all for anyone who runs on a Monday night at WHATEVER pace (in either of the Groups), NOT to organise their own pace group to run at whatever speed they like on a Wednesday (or in fact any other night of the week), in fact it’d be great if you did!