Nonsuch Relays

With Horton Relays out of the way it’s now time to start thinking about Nonsuch Relays on Wednesday 3rd July, so with only a week and a half to go it’s high time we got some names together. Libby Marchant has kindly volunteered to organise the teams this year and wants to start getting them together ASAP.

For those who have not run this event before the relays start at the mansion house in Nonsuch Park at 7pm and consists of a 4 leg 1.87 mile out and back course with a loop round the mansion house to start. This is an event that the club subsidises and pays for and it’s a really good evening. More detaisl on the event can be found on the Running with David website and is usually a well attended event. If you would like to take part either respond to the forum thread I have started -> here <- or simply let either Libby or me know directly. Also if you have a team of four already planned out let us now and we’ll ensure your team is enetered. As the event starts at 7pm we would like everyone to be there by 6:45pm at the latest as the team declarations will have to be submitted prior to the race.

Please be aware that due to the clash the first club handicap of the season will most likely be held on Monday 8th July (TBC)

Also just to add that this event is one of the qualifying events for the club marathon ballot in December which you will need 8 events to be eligble this year so another incentive to get your name down!!