River Relay Running Order

For those interested in the running order for the River Relays below is a list of legs and which runner is scheduled to take part. The times stated are those calculated by the organisers of the anticipated hand over.  Please be aware many 26.2 runners will be extending their runs along the towpath so they may pop up in unexpected places!


Leg 1 9am Start                Leg 2 9.25 – 9.45       Leg 3   9.50 – 10.35

Dave Wilson                      Grant Davison           Chris Wilson

Mark Weight                      Katherine Wilson        Jack Holland

Ryan Lambrix                     Ellen Lambrix             Katherine Franklin

Julie Chasin                       Richard Goulder         Peter Grecian

Sonya Pritchard                 Matthew Prtchard      Kate Hancock

Janneke Zoeteman             Kevin Furlong            Maria Cenalmor



Leg 4 10.25 – 11.35           Leg 5 10.55 – 12.25

Jacqueline Chang               Joe Chang

Ben Downe                       Chris Coghlan

Steve Ramek                     Martin Threakall

Kevin Stone                      Lawrence Bromley 

Maria Cenalmor                  Andrea Bennett

Kate Hancock                   John Bennett


The first runner listed on each leg is part of the same team, the second listed is another team and so forth.