It’s all about the Relays

First it was Green Belt, then came Horton and Nonsuch, now the River Relays are fast approaching and we’re taking names for those who want to take part this year. They are to be held on Sunday 6th September starting at 9am and the route is changng slightly from previous years. For those unaware of this event it is a 5 stage relay race which this year will start at Boveney Church in Windsor and follow the River Thames a distance of 26.2 miles to the Hawker Centre in Kingston.

As with Green Belt Relay the River Relays is a navigation race and you will be given a set of route instructions to follow for your stage which you must carry with you.



The stages are as follows:


• Stage 1 – Boveney Church to Ham Lane, Old Windsor – 5.7 Miles
• Stage 2 – Ham Lane to Staines Bridge – 4.8 Miles
• Stage 3 – Staines Bridge to Manor Park, Shepperton – 6.5 Miles
• Stage 4 – Manor Park to Hurst Park, Molesey – 4.9 Miles
• Stage 5 – Hurst Park to Hawker Centre – 5.2 Miles


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