GP9 – Second Sunday 5

Of the Fifty two runners taking part today Twenty Two 26.2 er’s toed the very muddy line for GP9 – Second Sunday 5 this morning on Wimbledon Common for a spot of Womble chasing. Organised by Thames Hare & Hounds this event is run every second Sunday as the event name suggests starting and finishing in the Richardson Evans Memorial Playing Fields on Putney Vale it takes in a 2 lap loop of Wimbledon Common which I understand is pretty much the ladies XC Course.


Having slid our way across the playing fields we took an anti clockwise route, skirting along Beverley Brook for around 1 mile before turning left along The Toast Rack, a narrow uphill track which runs right through the centre of the Royal Wimbledon golf course. At the end of The Toast Rack the course turns left for a welcome downhill stretch before turning right onto a bridal way that takes you back down to Beverley Brook where the 2 mile loop is repeated for the second lap. The sprint finish across the playing fields turned into more of a slip and slide into the funnel especially for those of us further back in the field after the front runners had churned up the surface for us.

Of the twenty two who ran the field was ably led by Alastair McGeoch-Williams (2nd Overall) finishing in an impressive time of 31:54 only 12 seconds behind first place. Looking at the results it appears there was a good club battle a few minutes behind with Steve Ramek getting the better of David George, Danny Norman and Ian Callander who all finished inside of a minute of each other with Lawrence Bromley bringing up the rear of the pack a further 25 seconds behind. All of the above and new member Alan Harding gave a good account of themselves all finishing in under 40 minutes which in the conditions was good going with Richard Goulder and Paul Wallis dipping out and finishing outside of the 40 minute mark.

The clubs first lady home this morning was Ellen Lambrix who along with Andrea Bennett decided that running 5 miles in soaking wet and muddy conditions just wasn’t enough had run 4.3 miles to the start, changed shoes before running impressive times of 43:06 & 45:05 respectively with Matthew Pritchard & Daisy Street sandwiched right in-between and then running home again after another quick change of footwear.

Bringing up the rear of the field were yours truly, Caroline Dawson and Amy Burton who were having their usual chit chat round the course with Sue Garnish & Laura Hooke just behind. Our furthest travelling member today was Dennis Brandrick who had travelled up from sunny Margate in Kent just to be splashed with muddy puddles by Maria Cenalmor who was having a battle of her own with Mike Gray and Sarah Lothian who all finished in well under the hour mark.

Well done to everyone who ran today and those who supported, I think the feedback in general was really positive so this could be a GP fixture again in the future (Maybe when the ground is a bit firmer underfoot) or just for a group of us to go up and support an event put on by a local club.

Results as follows:


Position Name Club Time
1 Neil Chisholm Thames Hares & Hounds 31.42


2 Alastair McGeoch-Williams 26.2 RRC 31.54
9 Steven Ramek 26.2 RRC 35.57
10 David George 26.2 RRC 37.24
11 Danny Norman 26.2 RRC 37.28
12 Ian Callander 26.2 RRC 37.55
15 Lawrence Bromley 26.2 RRC 38.21
18 Alan Harding 26.2 RRC 39.46
19 Richard Goulder 26.2 RRC 40.44
23 Paul Wallis 26.2 RRC 41.11
30 Ellen Lambrix 26.2 RRC 43.06
33 Matthew Pritchard 26.2 RRC 44.18
35 Daisy Street 26.2 RRC 44.31
36 andrea bennett 26.2 RRC 45.05
37 Kevin Stone 26.2 RRC 46.08
40 Caroline Dawson 26.2 RRC 47.07
41 Amy Burton 26.2 RRC 47.08
42 Sue Garnish 26.2 RRC 48.29
44 Laura Hooke 26.2 RRC 49.38
45 Dennis Brandrick 26.2 RRC 50.21
47 Mike Gray 26.2 RRC 54.44
48 Maria Cenalmor 26.2 RRC 55.04
49 Sarah Lothian 26.2 RRC 55.30


52 Carole White Phoenix Striders 61.47