Southern Cross Country Champtionships, 29th Jan 2011

4 club runners, 3 of whom were international men of mystery running under assumed names for anonymity, finished the course at Parliament Hill.

“Ah look, there go the girls. One medium lap and one big lap, whereas you do two big laps”. Armed with this information, and with a almost-on-the-verge-of-a-sulk Pegs tagging along, disappointed that there wasn’t much mud in sight, Joe Chang and I set off, with Daniel Harris making a running start from somewhere past Gospel Oak station. After climbing the hill “a marvellous sight,” said the tannoy “though not so marvellous if you’re currently running up it” we found the mud and boy was there some gloop to be had.

We completed the first loop, passing our main supporter (thanks Jacqui) and my extra one (thanks, lady from Whitstable parkrun) with the garmin showing 3 miles. As a nine mile race, this was obviously lap one of three. But this is such a great course that despite the shock, it was almost a pleasure, allowing for different approaches – the short sharp hill, I’ll trudge up it once, attack it the second time and crawl up it the third. It also loops back on itself several times, allowing everyone other than last man Jack to think “wish I was there” as leaders whizzed past going the other way and then “glad I’m not there” as we reached the same point.

A great day out, then; mud, mud and the chance to beat a Straggler or two.


Pos RaceNo Time Name
414 3401 01:05:02 John Matthews (“Brewer”)
511 3404 01:07:54 Andrew Pengelly (“Pimmy”)
675 3402 01:13:30 Joseph Chang
727 3403 01:15:44

Daniel Harris (“The Don”)*

*started 10mins late