General: How do I submit a News Item so that it appears on the front page of the website?

We encourage all Members of 26.2 Road Runners Club to take an active role in Club activities and welcome Member participation by way of contributions to the Website.

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Chose “Contribute / Edit Details” from the members menu on the left hand side of the main home screen then Click on “Submit News” and you’ll be presented with a Web Form.

Enter a snappy title for your article, but make it meaningful – “Cross Country Results” is pretty vague, “Womens’s Cross Country – Richmond Park 2006” is better (and easier to search for later!).

In the upper box, type in a brief introductory “teaser” to your News item.In the lower box, you can write the remaining full text of your story.At the bottom of your story, make sure you remove any trailing white space.

To Submit the news for publishing, just click on the little disc icon at the top right of the page.Your story then gets put into a queue for moderation. All published stories by you will also be shown in your Profile so that you can find them quickly in the future.