Tadworth 10 – January 2nd 2011

10 club members made it to the start line of the Tadworth 10 – fewer than had entered, but still a reasonable turnout. As ever, the race was tough and at the painful end of ‘undulating’, though without the ice and sub zero temperatures of recent years. Both laps involved a bit of horse avoidance – there’s some discussion on Runners World that this might have been a deliberate attempt to interfere, given that all local stables are informed of the race, but let’s hope it was a one-off. 26.2 results follow.

Pos Name Time
46 Joseph Chang 01:09:01
70 John Matthews 01:10:59
129 Mark Osikoya 01:15:43
358 Tim Lunn 01:31:04
368 Neil Sunderland 01:31:53
421 Zoe Wingfield 01:36:36
432 Greg Whiteman 01:37:51
447 Derick Wilkie 01:39:57
451 Elaine Dodds 01:40:21
478 Peter Tozer 01:45:03