General: How do I update my Profile / Photo?

We use the information you give in your Profile for Club Membership purposes and commication with Club Members so please make sure you update your profile if you move, or change email address.

To make any alterations to your Profile you’ll need to log in.

Change Your Profile Details or Photo

Click on “Submit Your Content” then “Edit My Details” on the User Menu. You’ll arrive at your Profile summary page.

Click on the “Edit” Button.
You can then either “Update Your Profile” or “Update your Image”.

Update Your Image
To load up an image to your profile, Use the “Browse” button to find a suitable picture on your PC (make sure it is 300 x 300 pixels in size and no bigger than 1000kb and a .gif, .jpf or .png thype graphic file). Then click “Upload”. All done.

Update Your Profile
There’s a number of Tabs available, They clearly say which information is viewable by 26.2 Committee only and which is available to other Club Members. Some information is compulsory, it’s up to you how much other information you supply.