26.2 RRC Results

Dash for the Splash

24 Feb 2019 - 10k

PositionRunnerGun TimeActual TimePB?*
1Ben Chown00:37:51
2Joseph Gonzalez00:39:39
3Steven Ramek00:40:14Yes
4Dmitry Selemir00:41:54
5Joe Chang00:42:24
6Max Riley00:42:49Yes
7Victoria Whelan00:44:41
8David George00:46:28
9Michael Street00:46:37Yes
10Paul Wallis00:49:17
11Daisy Street00:49:41Yes
12Nicholas Murray00:49:57Yes
13Diana Kimura00:51:46
14Richard Tomes00:51:47Yes
15James MacKay00:52:01Yes
16Laura Griffin00:52:55
17Rike Jones00:53:03Yes
18David Pearce00:54:02Yes
19Richard Hook00:54:55
20Greg Whiteman00:55:44
21Richard Kirk00:57:30
22Vicky Gardner00:57:36
23Graham Partner00:57:55Yes
24Stephen Back00:59:13Yes
25Kevin Stone01:03:54
26Fraje Watson01:05:05Yes
27Jo Newstead01:15:56Yes

* PBs are based on data available in the 26.2 records. If your result is incorrectly marked as a PB, please enter your correct. Log in to add your own results.

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