Blast From the Past – Autumn 1988

Thanks to Simon Norman, we have been provided with some old club newsletters. One I want to share with you is from Autumn 1988. Some of our younger members won’t have been born back then but I am sure others remember the time fondly.

To give you a sample of what you will find in the newsletter, at Sandhurst Half Marathon on 12th June 1988, current members, Dave “The Whippet” Wilson and Simon “The Gazelle” Norman were part of a winning 4 man team. There are a number of other race reports that I would encourage you to read.

You may be surprised to hear that back in 1988 they increased the membership cost to £10. This was described as being excellent value back then. 28 years later our membership is now just £15. An increase of £5 in this time means that today you really are getting good value!

Read the attached newsletter for all the details of what was going on in Autumn 1988.