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Week 2 Challenges

First of all, thanks to everyone who took part in week 1. If you are yet to submit results from your week 1 challenges, please do so here.

Week 2 Challenges – Tuesday 31st March to Monday 6th April

This week’s training challenge is to complete a 4 x 800m (or longer) interval session. More details on this session are below.

There will also be points awarded for keeping up your training as recorded by:

    • Number of days that you go out and run.
    • Total distance covered in the week.

Interval session details

We want you to achieve consistent pacing across each split. At the end of the week, we will request that you send us:

    • Length of your interval course (please use a 800m / half mile course minimum).
    • Your first four 800m splits. If you want to do more, please just send us the first 4 splits.

You will earn points ranked against others in your division for:

    • Consistent pacing of each split.
    • Pace at which you complete the intervals.

The points will be more heavily weighted to consistency however we will also be rewarding pace to ensure that people are encouraged to push themselves rather than going easy to try and get a more consistent set of results.

We hope you enjoy this week’s training session!

You can get the all the details of the Virtual Race League here. This includes links to results and league tables.

Virtual Race League – Launch Results & Week 1 Challenges

Launch 5k results

We had 90 runners complete our virtual 5k. The overall winner was Joseph Gonzalez in a fabulous time of 16:45! First lady was Victoria Whelan after posting 19:52 (only just ahead of Verity Nott in 20:03).

Other key results were:

  • David Pimm put in a strong run to register the biggest improvement on his recent form.
  • Jack Hollingsworth showed the biggest improvement on the PB submitted.
  • Tommy Street gave the best relative junior performance, beating his old 5k PB by 13 seconds with a time of 23:23.

Unofficial PBs were achieved by:

  • Joseph Gonzalez (16:45 from 16:50)
  • Craig Partridge (19:44 from 20:15)
  • Matthew Hoare (20:22 from 20:35)
  • Harry Kim (20:44 from 21:40)
  • Tommy Street (23:23 from 23:36)
  • Aron Sibley (23:40 from 24:14)
  • Jack Hollingsworth (28:32 from 20:40)
  • Lauren Smith (32:09 from 32:53)
  • Brenda Robertson (37:19 from 37:30)

We will be running the virtual 5k again this week, however this time, the results count towards a Mob Match against The Stragglers! Make sure you all get out there again and post your best 5k efforts.

League details

A league has been created and runners put into 5 divisions. You can see the new league tables here: Virtual League Tables – Week 1.

League positions will be adjusted using points earned in challenges. At the end of each week we will see 4 people promoted and demoted in each of the divisions.

Week 1 challenges

This weeks challenges are:

  1. Run on as many days as possible.
  2. Complete another virtual 5k and try to improve on last week’s time.
  3. Within each division you will be ranked on:
    1. Longest run
    2. Virtual 5k finish time

The scores assigned to each are available at the side of the league table: Virtual League Tables – Week 1.

The challenges include all runs completed between Tuesday 24th March and Monday 30th March.

You can submit your results here: Week 1 Results Entry

Club Night

Thanks to everyone that came along to club night. If anyone wants to watch back you can get the recording here: Virtual Club Night – Week 1. In future weeks I hope to be able to give you a link to a video of just the announcement of results and challenges to make these more easily viewable.

We will be holding club night again next week on Wednesday at 8:30pm.

26.2 RRC Virtual Club Night – 25th March

We are holding our first virtual club night tonight at 8:30 pm. Please do join us using the details below. If you have not used Zoom before, we recommend downloading the app to your device before the session.

26.2 RRC is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: 26.2 RRC Virtual Club Night
Time: Mar 25, 2020 08:30 PM London
Every week on Wed
Mar 25, 2020 08:30 PM

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 849 379 880


26.2 RRC Virtual Race League

While we are currently not able to meet in person, we need to look for alternative ways to come together as a club. With the race calendar suddenly empty many of us are also looking for new goals to keep up our motivation to go out and run. We are at a time in the year where many people will be in peak fitness due to training schedules that have been interrupted and we would like to give you something to make the most of that.

Virtual Race League

We plan to put together a ladder league where we can have some friendly competition as we are forced to train on our own. Participating runners will be grouped into a ladder which will then be split into smaller divisions. Runners will be seeded on the ladder based on their parkrun PB, those with faster times will start further down the ladder. By completing weekly challenges, you will get points that will let you move up and down the ladder.

The virtual races will come in the form of weekly training challenges. Everyone will have the chance to complete some or all of these challenges to earn points. At the end of the week, the people with the most points will be moved up the ladder and others will drop down in a series of promotions and relegations. The challenges will cover a range of training aspects, not just focusing on speed. Each week there will be something different perhaps covering steady pacing, distance or speed.

The challenges will all be designed to be completed alone so that everyone can maintain the required social distancing. They should all be completed with respect for the latest guidance from the government. Depending on the restrictions placed on us, the training challenges may need to be suspended or adapted. The virtual race league is just for fun, your health and safety always takes priority. If you are uncomfortable with the format of any of the challenges, please let us know.

Starting the league

If you are interested in taking part, please sign up here! 

We are going to start off with a weekend challenge. All you need to do is go out and run or walk 5k on either Saturday or Sunday (21st/22nd March). Although parkrun has been cancelled, this will still encourage everyone to get out for a bit of fresh air and much needed time to clear your heads. We will publish the results with rankings for overall pace as well as comparing your result to your 5k PB. Please do not run on parkrun courses at 9am on Saturday. We have been asked not to use these areas. If you do your 5k there at this time, you will be disqualified from the virtual league.

Please record your results on your favourite run tracking app. If using Strava, we will look to collect your details directly. If using any other platform, please submit results to website [ at ] [ dot ] uk.

We will be looking to establish a group where we can discuss the training challenges via WhatsApp or Facebook. We will have weekly broadcast sessions where the next week of training challenges will be issued and we can have a bit of interaction.

Wishing you all the best at this difficult time.

Valentine’s 10k 2020 – Volunteer Sign-up

Our annual Valentine’s 10k race will be held on Sunday 16th February 2020. In order for this event to be a success, we need as many members to come along and help out as possible. We need people to fill roles including marshal duties, registration, start and finish line helpers and water stations. Please use the sign up sheet below to let us know if you are available to help.

Sign up has now closed. If you can help, please get in touch with a committee member to be assigned a role.

We hope that once all volunteer slots are filled, some members will also be able to run the race. If you are interested in running, please enter the volunteer or run section. Please do not enter the race yet if you want to run. We need to ensure all volunteer roles are filled before we invite any members to enter.

Mob Match Results

Thank you to everyone that came out today to participate in the annual 26.2 RRC vs The Stragglers mob match. We were very pleased to welcome everyone from The Stragglers to our home fixture hosted at the British Legion in Surbiton. Due to some roadworks and lack of availability of the recreation ground we completed a slightly shorter course than normal, finishing in Fishponds park after around 5.3km.

There were 219 finishers and 25 volunteers that took part today. 26.2 RRC took a clear lead the mob prize (162 participants against 82) so were pleased to once hand over the stuffing! For those wanting to know the number of legs this was 352 for 26.2 RRC vs 168 for The Stragglers.

In terms of the match prize, this was originally called for 26.2 RRC however this was done on an all comers basis taking the first 78 finishers from each club regardless of how they completed the course. If this is restricted to taking just the runners (excluding dogs/walkers/non-wheelchair wheels), with 67 to score from each club then The Stragglers take the runners match prize.

Individual prizes all go to 26.2 RRC members. First, the Buster trophy is taken for another year by Bobby the dog, finishing in a time of 24:05. Well done also to Ben Chown (17:06) and Victoria Whelan (20:39) who lead the human field.

Complete results are available online at:

>> Complete Mob Match Results <<<

Apologies in advance for incorrect spellings of names. We already know there are many of these!

Thank you to the 25 volunteers that made the event happen today, and particular thanks to Bev Gow who acted as race director. We look forwards to next year’s mob match!