Calling all ladies!

As one of the people involved in the organisation of the Grand Prix competition in 2013/14 one of my main aims is to increase the participation of our female members in the competition. Whilst 26.2 RRC has a significant active female membership historically the numbers of women participating in the club Grand Prix is low in comparison to the masses of men taking part. With this in mind and off the back of a fabulous turnout at the Hogsmill Ladies 5 last week I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts on why the Grand Prix is great to take part in.

  • The opportunity to try a range of different races across the year covering different distances and different terrains in a friendly club environment.  We try to incorporate a mixture of new local events plus old favourites such as the Claygate 5.
  • The large turnout of 26.2 RRC members provides great support for all 26.2 RRC runners with spectating family and friends of 26.2 RRC cheering on all club members and runners cheering on the rest of the club once they have finished the race.
  • Grand Prix’s are good social events. The large numbers give the opportunity to meet and socialize with runners of all abilities who you may not normally run with. Often after the race people arrange to meet for lunch or a drink too.
  • The Grand Prix’s promote healthy competition. Whilst we may not all be super fast and with a chance of winning the competition overall the events promote competition between individuals of similar abilities pushing you to train harder and get quicker.
  • Provides long-term motivation over the year with a plan of races to train for.
  • Cake cake cake cake cake! Yes often there are cakes post race. A Great reward for all that hardwork!

 The first event is the Sutton 10k at 9.30am this Sunday 12th May and unfortunately the race is now full but if you haven’t entered don’t despair, there are still lots of opportunities to get involved this year!


Grand Prix 2 is the Dorking 10 mile at 9am Sunday 2nd June. Whilst it isn’t the flattest of 10 mile races it is a lovely scenic run which always gets a great turnout from the local running clubs with a mixture of all abilities. This race is 4 weeks a way so there is still time to get some training in! Entries are £12 and are3 still open via the sports systems website or you can download a postal entry form from the event website Entries are also available on the day for £17.  


Grand prix 3 is the club mile held at Kingsmeadow Track 7.30pm on Wednesday 5th June. No entries required just turn up on the day and pay the usual track entry fee.


The full Grand Prix schedule can be downloaded from the download section of the club website. If you have any questions about the Grand Prix schedule or any of the events in particular please feel free to grab me for a chat at the club, start a conversation in the form, or you can drop me an email at eemarchant [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com.