Harry Hawkes 10

With GP4 being the Harry Hawkes 10 on 30th June for anyone planning on entering I recieved an email from the organisers today offering a £4 discounted entry for 26.2 club members.

Please see email below for details on how to get your discounted entry fee.

Hi Kevin

I sent out a general email to clubs today which offers a £3 discount to members on the normal entry fee. However I did promise something special for 26.2 and am pleased to give you a code which will give a discount of £4.

To get the £4 discount (bringing the entry down to £18) please enter the code below on the online entry at Sport Systems. To get there follow the link:


26.2 RC Club Discount code (£4 discount): CSHH13


Please pass this on and we look forward to seeing a big contingent from 26.2 at the race on June 30.


Best regards



Peter Wedderburn, Director