Administrator: How to Email All Members

Send An Email To All Club Members

Note: We still have a few Members who have not got or have not given us their Email Address – this message will not reach them! However, it is a good method of getting information out to most Members.
Along the top row of menu items find;
Components: Hover over this link to show
MassMail: Click on this link

This opens a new Mass email Item. Fill it in as follows;

Group: Leave as it is (All User Groups)
Mail To Child Groups: Leave Blank
Send In HTML Mode: Leave Blank
Subject: A short snappy subject.
Message: ALERT ALERT – It’s probably a good idea to spell check your message BEFORE sending it, type it in Word and then paste it into the form. Remember to break up your message into paragraphs to make it easier to read.

Read your message through again, once it’s sent, it’s sent!

To Send Your Message: Click on the Send Mail icon at the top right of the screen.

Your browser may seem to be doing nothing, but please DO NOT CLOSE IT yet (you’ll cancel the unsent emails from sending). Within a minute or so you’ll get a message saying how many Emails have been sent. Now you can close your browser if you want.