Administrator: How To Add A News Flash

Newsflashes are the items that appear in the top right corner of the site and are useful for getting important information onto the homepage. They can also be displayed at the top of the news stories in the central area of the home page.

News Flashes have to be added from the “backend” of the site through an administrators interface.

Got to and log in.

Along the top menu list you’ll see;

  1. Content, hover over this and you’ll see;
  2. Content By Section , hover over this and you’ll see;
  3. Newsflashes, hover over this and you’ll see;
  4. Newsflash Items. Click on Newsflash items.
You’ll see a list of existing Newsflashes. Along the top right of your page there is a row of icons, click on New and an empty Newsflash item is created.

Title Box: Type in a SHORT snappy title
Title Alias: Copy the title into the title alias box
Category: Select “Newsflashes” from the drop down category box
Intro text: Type your newsflash text into the Intro text area, as this is a SHORT Newsflash, keep the text to a minimum. You can add more in the Main Text: (optional) box.
Main Text: (optional) only used if your newsflash is lengthy.

Now you’re ready to publish the Newsflash!

To the right of the area you typed in your text is an array of tabbed fields. We’re only interested in the first one,
Show on Frontpage: Leave blank to only show your newsflash in the top right, tick to show it on the main area of the page as well.
Main Text: (optional) Make sure this is ticked or the itme won’t show!
Access Level: This controls who sees the item. If the item is only of interest to Club Members select “REGISTERED”.
Start Publishing: Leave with the default value UNLESS you want the item to start showing on a given date.
Finish Publishing: Leave empty UNLESS you want the itrem to stop showing after a given date.

You can safely ignore all of the other tabs.

Once you’re happy with everything,

Click on the Save Icon.
You’re Newsflash is now live…
Don’t Forget to DELETE your Newsflash once it is no longer needed.