February Club Handicap Preview

As none of my ‘Babes’ were available to run the other Sunday I decided to take my Garmin round the Handicap Course.  I’d not run it in its current format and, anyway, I said to myself, why should you lot have all the fun!

It was noticeable that, even at my slow pace, the turn into Berrylands is pretty sharp, and care is needed to avoid running into the tree that’s just around the corner.  Thereafter the pavement up past the Club to Manor Drive is uneven but once into Manor Drive I found it best to stick to the left hand side of the road for the remainder of the run, apart from cutting across the corner into Kings Drive.

My Garmin told me that the course was exactly 3 miles long. (“Garmin of Truth”, Joe?) It also gave me the first mile point at the junction with The Crest and Chiltern Drive, the halfway mark at the junction of Pine Walk and Berrylands, and the second mile as you turn into Kings Drive from Manor Drive.

This information will not be news to some of you but others might find it useful for checking their pace around the course.  As for my time, a pedestrian 29:26.

I hope we have a good turnout again tomorrow evening with not too many marathoners excusing themselves in a quest for mileage.  Try doing the Handicap at pace and then something like Ditton Hill afterwards. I think you will find that more than enough training.  See you there.