Grand Prix #9 – Tadworth 10, 2nd January 2012

Tadworth Athletics Club logo Another fine win for both Jack Holland and Aimee Billington. Updated tables are in the downloads section (bottom right).

Photos (taken by Pegs) from the race have also been uploaded to the Photos Gallery. To access the photo gallery, click on “Members Menu” on the top menu bar, then select “Photo Gallery”, “View Photo Gallery”.

As the photos will tell you, this year’s Tadworth 10 was run in sunshine. It wasn’t as warm up on the downs as elsewhere but compared to previous years when the water stops have frozen solid it was quite the treat.

The two lap course includes plenty of hills – 445m of ascent according to the garmin which if anything seems too little, but most of the ups are long and grinding rather than short and sweet. Unlike the Epsom 10, the hills keep coming throughout the race, though there are a couple of blessed downhills in the back half of the lap. The toughness is shown in the age-gradings, with only Declan Flynn able to broach 70%, though David Pimm was only 17 seconds off.

Thanks first of all to our supporters. The Parker Brothers‘ family support group were very vocal and yet, surprisingly for those who know the boys, entirely clean-mouthed. Nellie stationed himself at the turn back into the racecourse while Binkie shouted for us from the top of the hill and Pegs was out on the course doing a grand job with the camera. Meanwhile Grant and Kevin Stone ran one lap the opposite round the course, thoroughly enjoying all 545 informative “you’re going the wrong way”s. Thanks all on a blustery day for spectators.

In the race, Jack Holland hared off for his 4th win in 6 races, while Aimee made it 7 in 8. The long hill that starts within the first mile sorted us out quickly but does at least (perhaps) mean that few go off too quickly for too long here. Behind came a nicely spaced out red-white-blue wave. Congratulations to Steven Ramek, whose improvement continues and will only be helped by a tough run. After finishing close to her in the last two races, if he can keep Aimee in sight as she accelerates he’ll be moving up the field rapidly. Oliver Webb was rightly elated as he finished his longest race (and run?) – what a one to pick! Well done Fred and Megan Toerien, nice to see you in club colours, managing to stick together for the whole run. The masochist award goes to Sue “That Was Fun” Garnish.

In the grand prix, the ladies’ past the post looks clear cut, with the leading three all on 8 and well clear. So long as all finish one more event they are guaranteed prize money, with Aimee nigh-on uncatchable and Zoe nudging past Libby into third. The age-graded competition is closer, with Ann Bath moving into third with a race in hand, while Aimee and Zoe have the points on the board.

In the men’s, Jack took advantage of chairman Joe and Steve Watkins’ absence to move into third in both competitions, and with 4 wins out of 6 races will go higher if he can complete the last three events. Worth mentioning, too, that Luke stays ahead of me despite running a race fewer (!).

Well run all – the next Grand Prix is the Watford half on the 5th February.

1 00:55:11 Chris Busaileh Senior Men
21 01:04:20 Jack Holland Senior Men
25 01:05:29 Luke McDonagh Senior Men
32 01:06:39 John Matthews Senior Men
46 01:09:12 Kevin Parker Senior Men
57 01:10:08 Declan Flynn MV50
99 01:13:30 David Pimm MV50
126 01:15:55 Aimee Billington Senior Ladies
135 01:16:26 Steven Ramek MV40
156 01:17:55 Ben Downe Senior Men
161 01:18:24 Neil Parker Senior Men
165 01:18:31 Zoe Ashcroft Senior Ladies
194 01:20:14 Simon Gerrard MV40
204 01:21:03 Matthew Pritchard Senior Men
300 01:27:02 Greg Whiteman MV40
311 01:27:36 Oliver Webb MV40
368 01:31:15 Sue Garnish FV40
427 01:35:59 Javier Fuentes MV40
431 01:36:26 Andrea Bennett FV40
451 01:37:54 Ann Bath FV60
458 01:38:59 Derick Wilkie MV60
540 01:59:34 Frederick Toerien MV50
541 01:59:34 Megan Toerien FV50
554 02:45:32 Kate Knight FV50


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