Valentines 10K – Your club Needs You

 With February 12th drawing ever closer it’s time for the club to make a concerted effort to attract as much interest in our yearly club race as we possibly can. So far we have handed out entry forms at a number of events but with a few weeks left before online entries close the more events we can hit the more chance we have of increasing numbers on the day. The V10K can, if well attended bring some much needed cash into the club so it is in everyones interests to help swell the numbers as much as we can. With this in mind we would really appreciate it if anyone attending a Parkrun or any other event make the effort to distribute some flyers either before or after the event. It doesn’t matter if we hit the same Parkrun more then once, and with so many local Parkruns around the immediate area they are ideal events to target in the run up to February. It’s not just running events that we can target but any other local sporting events where those participating may fancy a 10K, also any clubs or sports centres you may attend would be ideal.

I am happy to print out the entry forms for anyone who is willing to lend their support and will bring them to the club for collection so please just let me know how many you require. I shall be printing out a batch of around 1000 over the next coupe of days so please don’t be shy, let me or any other committee member know where and when you would like to distribute some and I’ll ensure they find their way to you in time. The Perch at Nonsuch Park is to be held on 29th January so I will be looking for a couple of volunteers to distribute there as well if anyone not running could oblige.

Also please let me know if there are any upcoming local events you are aware of in the next few weeks that you are unable to attend as we may still be able to get someone there to hand out entry forms, we don’t want to miss an opportunity. Also any websites that you frequent that list coming events might be useful as well, we have advertised on a number of sites but any you can think of that might help increase entries would be extremely useful. Please just let me or another committee member know on a club night or contact me direct either by phone on 07921 069454 or email me on stone.kev [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

Moving on from entry form distribution I am also looking to all members to pledge their support on the day by helping out with the marshalling etc. If you can help out on the day I shall be putting up a list on the club notice board this Wednesday to add your name to or you can simply drop me an email letting me know what times you are available from and to. Please remember that even if you can’t commit to the whole event that there may be something to you can do to help, no matter how small. There are many jobs that need doing on the day from setting up the course to manning the water stations, your help and support will be greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank you all in advance for your help and support and i know if we all work together we can make this years V10K a huge sucess that we can build on from year to year.