Mob Match vs The Stragglers – Sunday 11th December 2016

There is just over a week to go before the long awaited mob match against the Stragglers. With club membership at an all time high we are hoping to get a big turn out and show them once and for all that we are the best club around.
For those un-familiar with a mob match, the event is open to all and encourages as many people to take part as possible. We welcome runners, walkers, kids (on bikes, scooters or in buggies) and dogs. Participants do not need to be club members, so bring along your friends, family, neighbours, pets or anyone else you can convince to come along. The aim is to be the club with the most participants around the course (yes, the dogs count too!). The club with the biggest representation take the mob match prize and the losers get the stuffing!

The race follows a 4 mile route from the Hawker Centre in Kingston. Starting on the towpath, we turn off the river following paths and pavements from Teddington lock to Ham. The race is all on good surfaces so trail shoes are not required. There may be last minute changes to the route as it has not been confirmed by the Stragglers.
While not the most competitive event (it really is the taking part that counts this time), there will be some keen runners at the front aiming to be first home. If you do happen to win, you may get some acknowledgement, at least a pat on the back. More importantly, the first dog is the most sought after prize on offer.
Race details:

Date: Sunday 11th December 2016
Venue: The Hawker Centre, Kingston (same venue as parkrun)
Registration: 10:00am.
You will need to register and get a race number.
There is a £1 entry fee payable on the day (no need to register before the day).
Start time: 10:30am for walkers / kids, 11:00am for runners

Following the race there will be a social event with some snack food provided. There will be a presentation and the raffle. Please do stay afterwards for a chance to socialise with the other runners of Surbiton and Kingston.
Please bring along an item for the raffle afterwards (wrapped or unwrapped as you choose). Typically people bring a bottle of something, chocolates or a small gift. We want as many raffle prizes as possible. The idea is that everyone will get to go home with a prize (possibly even the one you brought if you like it!).
See you all next Sunday!