Hilly double for the ladies

After the Epsom double for the men last month, this month gave the chance to the ladies to complete a cross country and grand prix double over the weekend.

On Saturday 3rd December, the ladies were in action at Surrey League Cross Country on Mitcham Common. 11 ladies took part over a hilly course. The route, which although appearing from the start to be fairly flat, had a number of tough hills hidden away. At only 6km it was at least short and wasn’t muddy. Does it count as XC if you don’t come back muddy?

Credit to those that made it despite traffic and train woes. After a long struggle to find parking, Vicky Gardner only just made it to the start in time, explaining her absence from the pre-event photo. A special mention to Jo Newstead who cycled to the event but sadly missed the race. At least she was in time for cake!

On Sunday 4th December, both men and ladies were in action at Hogs Back Road Race. 29 members took part with Alastair McGeoch-Williams returning to grand prix winning form for this event and Kirstie Mitchell first lady home for the club. Grand prix tables have now been published and can be downloaded here.

Some members have tackled this event in recent years however it was a welcome addition to our Grand Prix schedule. Although a cold start, the clear day presented some amazing views of the hills around Guildford. I am sure many members will be back to tackle this hilly but scenic course again in the future.

Our superstar ladies who completed both events were Caroline DawsonSue GarnishVicky GardenerSarah Lothian, Ellen Lambrix and Jacqueline Chang (who even managed to sweet talk herself a beer as spot prize at the end of Hogs Back). Well done all!

Alastair leads the club home.
Peter prepares himself before the race.

Results follow.

Surrey League Cross Country – Ladies Division 2 – Mitcham Common (6k)

03 Dec 2016 – Other

Position Runner Gun Time Actual Time PB?*
1 Tessa Lambert 00:29:05 Yes
2 Ellen Lambrix 00:29:18 Yes
3 Sue Garnish 00:30:45 Yes
4 Caroline Dawson 00:32:23 Yes
5 Jacqueline Chang 00:32:32 Yes
6 Vicky Gardner 00:34:19 Yes
7 Victoria Kirk 00:35:00 Yes
8 Sarah Lothian 00:36:24 Yes
9 Maria Cenalmor 00:37:46 Yes
10 Carol Ferrari 00:44:01 Yes
11 Ann Bath 00:44:04 Yes

2016 / 17 – The Hogs Back Road Race (8 miles)

04 Dec 2016 – Other

Position Runner Gun Time Actual Time PB?*
1 Alastair McGeoch-Williams 00:43:05 Yes
2 Joe Brewer 00:45:26 Yes
3 Nathan Sayers 00:45:42 Yes
4 Steven Ramek 00:46:40 Yes
5 Ryan Lambrix 00:50:18 Yes
6 Geoff Tookey 00:51:56 Yes
7 David George 00:52:01 Yes
8 Paul Keddie 00:52:20 Yes
9 Paul Wallis 00:53:39 Yes
10 Peter Grecian 00:53:48 Yes
11 Kirstie Mitchell 00:55:03 Yes
12 Brian Merritt 00:55:32 Yes
13 Simon Gerrard 00:56:38 Yes
14 Greg Whiteman 00:57:02 Yes
15 Daisy Street 00:57:16 Yes
16 Lawrence Bromley 00:58:15 Yes
17 Andrea Bennett 00:58:31 Yes
18= Ellen Lambrix 01:00:58
18= Matthew Pritchard 01:00:58 Yes
20 Kevin Furlong 01:02:10 Yes
21 Sue Garnish 01:03:19
22 Jacqueline Chang 01:04:28
23 Kevin Stone 01:05:08 Yes
24 John Bennett 01:05:23 Yes
25 Laura Hooke 01:08:11 Yes
26 Caroline Dawson 01:08:55
27 Vicky Gardner 01:08:58
28 Richard Kirk 01:17:08 Yes
29 Sarah Lothian 01:17:44

* PBs are based on data available in the 26.2 records. If your result is incorrectly marked as a PB, please enter your correct. Log in to add your own results.