Nonsuch Relays 2014 – Update!!

What a great turnout for last nights Nonsuch relays, with 26 people signing up and actually making the venue in time for the 7pm start we managed to field 7 teams with Chris Wilson and Danny Norman running twice. This also make me think that hopefully with so many people making the start time we should be able to field a larger number at the next mob match on July 17th!!


David Denton sent through the results during the early hours of this morning and it certainly looks like each time has been rounded to the nearest 10 seconds, but that said I don’t think that affects the overall positions. There was some great running and a good battle between two of our teams finishing in 12th & 13th with Chris, Danny, Katherine and Libby managing to pip Jack, James, Chris and Moustafa by a mere 30 seconds. It was also good to see team Wilson back for a second year as it always puts the biggest smile on Lizzie’s face.


Well done to everyone who turned out and we hope you had a great evening of running and thanks also for those who turned out to support and cheers us all on, it is always appreciated.


Rounded esults are posted below but full results can now be found on the Running With David website:



Pos Team Name    Runner 1 Leg 1 Runner 2 Leg 2  Runner 3 Leg 3  Runner 4 Leg 4 Total
1 SLH M   9.42   9.12   9.42   8.56 37.3
12 26.2 RRC MX Chris Wilson 10.3 Danny Norman 10.3 Katherine Franklin 12.2 Libby Marchant 11.5 45
13 26.2 RRC M Jack Holland 11 James Thurston 12.1 Chris Coghlan 10.5 Moustaf Fawzy 11.2 45.3
21 26.2 RRC M40 David Pimm 12.1 John Sweeney 11.5 Steve Ramek 11.3 Simon Gerrard 12.3 47.6
34 26.2 RRC MX Jon Wilson 12.4 Lizzie Wilson 17.1 Dave Wilson 12.1 Chris Wilson 10.5 52.5
36 26.2 RRC MX Andrea Bennett 14.5 Lawrence Bromley 15.1 Hannah Bennett 12.1 Danny Norman 10.5 52.6
47 26.2 RRC MX Kevin Furlong 13.4 Jacq Chang 14.2 Kevin Stone 14.3 Matthew Pritchard 13.5 56.1
58 26.2 RRC MX Mike Gray 14.5 Kate Hancock 17.1 Richard Kirk 15.5 Maria Cenalmor 16.4 64.3
62 Dave’s Devils MX   17.3   18.5   18.6   19.6 75.1