Quiz Night – Results

After a fantastically successful Cross Country and Perch performance by many at the Club this weekend, all eyes were on who could match good leg power with top brain power….. Despite a full weekend of Club activities over 50 of us made it to the Club’s inaugural Quiz Night which was hosted with enthusiasm by Captain Chris and Treasurer Charlie. We had 12 teams of 5ish and even the bar staff entered a team! Full Results below

Fun was had by all and by the finish there were only 20 points splitting top from bottom! In the end it was Laura Roberts who proved she has the full package and walked away with a bottle of Tesco’s finest wine to sit alongside her numerous Perch trophies. Congratulations to her and her team mates Kevin Furlong, Richard Goulder, Greg Harradine and Dave Wilson who all received a bottle. Commiserations to Nat Randall and her team who collected the wooden spoons (though it does prove that Chris hadn’t leaked any of the answers to his fiancée!!)

(max points without Jokers – 105)
1st – The Bad Animals – 97 points
2nd – The Turkish Delights – 93
3rd – Tamagotchis – 92
3rd – Better Late than Never – 92
5th – The Jaguars – 88
6th – The Numb Skulls – 86
7th – Moonshine Washingline – 84
8th – Zoë’s & Co – 82
9th – Good for Age – 80
10th – Perch Champ & Friends – 79
10th – Quizzy Rascals – 79
12th – In a bit? – 77