SEAA Southern Road Relays

On the 22nd September this year’s SEAA Southern Road Relays will be held at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, and the club is again looking to field some teams.

This event turns out the best runners from clubs across London and the South East, is therefore highly competitive and suitable for those at the “faster” end of the club.

This year the relays are the day after our fourth Grand Prix at Northala Fields parkrun but don’t let that mere 5km put you off! Do please register your interest at the link below:

>>>enter relays here<<<

We will be aiming to field runners in the following team groupings:

Senior & Vet Women 4 x 4.5km
Vet Men 4 x 6km
Senior Men 6 x 6km

All runners must be first claim members and registered with England Athletics